Our Cause

We are here to become an effective tool in the fight against climate change.

The climate emergency affects the most vulnerable: there are currently more than 17 million refugees who suffer the direct consequences of the climate.
Many people see climate change as a problem of the future, however, climate refugees help us understand that it is not a problem of tomorrow but rather a drama that is happening now to millions of people on our planet.

The term “climate refugee” is not contemplated in International Law. This denotes the latent disconnect between human rights and climate change, despite the fact that in 2019 there were more than 17 million people displaced by natural disasters, according to the World Organization for Migration (IOM). In fact, according to the World Bank, if we continue as before, in 2050 there will be 140 million people displaced for this reason.
At RRROAD we are committed to our impact as a company, that is why we adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
We work so that each of our actions are aligned with these objectives. And we are convinced that the impact of RRROAD should be a useful tool to solve the climate emergency, always focusing on people.
That is why 1% of our profits will go to causes that help people who are suffering the impact of climate change.

We encourage you to propose causes that you know of so that we can evaluate them.