We have the best partners and we are proud of it.

We do not work with suppliers we do not know.

We do not work with suppliers that do not believe that the industry needs a change.

We do not work with suppliers that do not respect worker’s rights.

We do not work with suppliers. We do work with alliances of European projects so that we can all fight climate emergency together.

We believe that proximity is crucial in all regards.

The RRROAD team consists of all our partners.

Closing the circle is something crucial to us. Our garments can be recycled, but we want to go one step further and show you that you can giveyour clothes a second life.

Thus, we have reached an agreement with Belda Llorens for our T-shirts and jumpers to be recovered and recycled to make new T-shirts and jumpers.

However, as in every step of the way, we need your help! If you want to get rid of your RRROAD clothes, we will pick them up wherever you tell us and give you a 10% voucher to buy products made of your old clothes. 

Belda Llorens is the leading company in sustainable yams in Spain, a pioneer in offering recycled yams of the highest quality. We are proud of having reached this innovative agreement that helps us to prove that circularity is not only a theory but a reality we are prepared to implement.


The Guajira tote bag you wear has been made in Madrid at the workshop Ellas Lo Bordan, a social insertion company committed to empowering vulnerable women by providing them with a decent contract, helping them learn the ropes of the job and providing them with a safe and reliable working space. 

We love our Guajira Tote bag, not only for its design and low impact on the planet but also because by buying it, you support Ellas Lo Bordan project.