RRROAD is not a sustainable fashion brand. And we know sustainability is not a trend.

We understand sustainability as the objective on which we should focus every day to change the industry. Our approach to sustainability is circularity, and it’s in our DNA. We will work to turn the traditional linear model into a circular model.


→  We investigate, analyse and test each of our fabrics to use the highest percentage of recycled fibres.

→  We avoid the negative impact resulting from generating new fibres and the limits of technology to develop products of a higher quality with a lower impact.

→  We make all our clothes in Europe, mainly in Spain. We do this to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from transporting materials.

→  We do not work on a seasonal basis. We design and produce against fast fashion and ephemeral trends.

→  We make quality clothes with recycled materials that can also be re-recycled at the end of their useful life.


All our clothes are recycled and, most importantly, they can be re-recycled and recovered through Upcycling.

We investigate and work to make it possible. This is a difficult task, but we want our clothes to become something valuable again at the end of their useful life.

The end of the useful life of each garment is up to you. You can close the circle and use your garment to make a new one.

Thus, we ask you to take care of your clothes consciously. And if you don’t want them any longer, try to look first for a way to reuse them and then recycle them.

We will help you to find the best place to give your clothes a second life. You can also send them to us if you don’t want to use them any longer.

We are sure we will give them a new use.

You can contact us at


Our main objective as a brand is to generate a positive impact on society and the environment.

To be 100% transparent about the reality of our processes, we plan to separate the impact of our business into two areas.  

Being true to our principles and having a close communication with our partners, collaborators, employees, and customers are our top priority. 


→  We will measure our impact as a company in general terms through external certificates that allow us to compare ourselves with other players of the industry.

→  We will measure the impact of our clothes with a BAROMETER we have designed which is aimed at measuring their sustainability during the different stages of their life cycle. 

Our Barometer

No one can tell if clothes are sustainable or not. However, we can measure their impact.

The RRROAD barometer has been designed by our sustainability team to measure the impact of each of our clothes in specific terms, by analyzing of the interactions generated and avoided during the whole production chain.  

At RRROAD, we understand that the sustainability of each garment is determined by its capacity to exist in the business ecosystem and perpetuate its existence according to the Earth’s carrying capacity and contribute to sustainability. The same garment can meet some sustainability criteria and be harmful under other criteria depending on the elements analyzed.

Factors to be considered when assessing the level of sustainability of clothes:


We trace the origin of each of the fibers we use in the production of our clothes, as well as all the processes that bring the garments to each of our customers.



We measure the percentage of recycled fibers used in the production of every garment. We understand that a percentage of over 60% may present quality at risk. 



We analyse the reduction in water use we have obtained thanks to our production processes.



We measure the distance traveled from the fiber production process until the garment reaches RRROAD’s warehouses.


We measure the use of renewable energy in the production processes of each garment.



We analyse the susceptibility of clothes to be re-recycled at the end of their useful life.


At this stage we analyse if all the stages of the production process meet the requirements of the regulations on workers’ rights.



This factor is up to you!  

You can extend the useful life of your RRROAD clothes taking care of them as they deserve to make sure they can be used in the future to make new products.               

Care Guide

Our fabrics

At RRROAD fabrics are key. We do not design our clothes and then look for fabrics: we do quite the opposite. First, we investigate which high-quality fabrics have the least impact on the planet and then we design the perfect garment with that fabric.

All our fabrics have many years of work and innovation behind them by the best spinners and weavers, as we want to challenge the industry and show that circularity does not mean less quality.

We believe that fabrics are key to reducing impact. Therefore, we look for fabrics with the following features:

  Innovation to get long-lasting results.

  The maximum percentage of recycled fibres, while keeping our upcycling capacity.

  We prioritise the incorporation of recycled natural fibres.

  We measure proximity to lower the emissions throughout the production process.

  All our workshops and factories meet the quality warranties and the highest standards to protect workers’ rights.

  We only use European fabrics.

As a result,  our clothes are unique and cause less impact while offering exceptional quality.

At RRROAD, we use: