Our clothing brand was created with a clear purpose: becoming an effective tool to fight climate change.

The best way to challenge the second most polluting industry in the world is from the inside. And we are here to prove that things can be done differently.

We invest part of our profits in research to achieve less harmful production processes. Innovation is an essential part of the change. We will fight to suggest and implement demonstrable improvements in the textile industry.

Stop Pretending

We are tired of appearances and we want to be completely transparent about our manufacturing processes and the composition of our fabrics.

We say out loud that our collections are currently not 100% made from recycled materials and are not 100% sustainable either. Because that is impossible. However, we continue working to reach a lower impact thanks to continuous innovations and improvements in our processes.

We aim to demonstrate, through our experience, that a different system is possible.

Valuable Waste

We understand the abundance of residues as an opportunity to remodel the manufacturing system in the world of fashion. We work to develop a circular system by using recycled, and even more important, recyclable, and reusable materials.

Redirecting Attitudes

We can reduce our carbon footprint through responsible practices and precautions in our daily life. Your attitude towards change is essential to make a difference.

Reliable companion

We carry out regular research to keep discovering and innovating the most beneficial materials for the environment.

Transparency is one of our cornerstones. We stand for a close and clear communication that always conveys the advantages and disadvantages of our processes and clothes.

European Identity

We are a fashion lab focused on making clothes as sustainable as possible in Europe and its surroundings.

We shorten distances to achieve a significant reduction in fuel and thus reduce the negative impact of clothing manufacturing on climate change.

Expanding the niche

Our main objective is to manufacture timeless clothes that stay away from fast fashion and for everyone. We try to reduce price as much as possible and increase the lowest impact possible of the garment on the planet, thus providing many consumers with our tool for change. We propose a new way to do things. We challenge the market to find out a better normal.

Caring network

We promote closeness and maintain a relationship of trust with each of our collaborators. We closely follow each step of the production chain to ensure all points are compatible with our sustainable goal.